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The lathe, screw-cutting V

Offer type: salePublished: 17.10.2014
Seller:Zajtsev Yurij Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Tverskaya Oblast'
Lathe W is designed to perform a variety of turning operations, including cutting metric, modular, inch and pitteway threads on work pieces that are installed in the centers or the cartridge.
Rigid box-like frame with hardened, ground guides has sufficient rigidity.
The machine base mod. VG has a recess closed by removable bridge. This allows for the removal of the bridge to handle larger (diameter up to 620 mm) procurement type disks, rings and flanges.
The spindle is mounted on precision ball bearings.
The design of the tool holder ensures the stability of the position fixing instrument.
Lathe W with a long bed has:
the ability to process parts up to 1500 mm;
upgraded the gearbox, allowing no additional tuning guitar when cutting pipe threads to modify handle the number of threads per inch 11 to 19;
improved control mechanism clutch type machine K.
* Max. diameter of workpiece, mm
* over bed 445
* over carriage 220
* Max. length of workpiece over the caliper, mm 1000
* Max. length of grinding, 900 mm
* The end of the spindle flange, GOST 12593-72 6K
* The diameter of the cylindrical hole in the spindle, mm, not less than 54
* The height of the cutter mounted in the tool holder, mm, not less than 25
* Number of speeds forward rotation of the spindle, not less than 24
* Number of speeds reverse rotation of the spindle, at least 12
* Spindle rotation speed, min-1 12,5-1700
* The number of stages feed rate longitudinal/transverse, not less than 50/50
* Feed, mm/Rev.
* longitudinal 0,018-22,4
* cross-0,009-11,2
* Overall dimensions, mm
* length 2800
* width 1190
* height 1450
* Weight, kg 2430