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Vertical milling machine VMM

Offer type: salePublished: 17.10.2014
Seller:Zajtsev Yurij Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Tverskaya Oblast'
Milling machine console, vertical VMM is intended for milling various parts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys.
The possibility of adjustment of the milling machine VMM on semi-automatic cycles allow you to organize mnogostanochniki service.
Automatic lubrication system node provides the simplicity and reliability of a milling machine VMM in the most severe conditions.
Easy maintenance and quick changeover of tools and accessories are of considerable convenience when using the machine for short run production. Used in conditions of individual and small-scale industries.
Working surface of table, mm h
The movement of the table, mm, most
- longitudinal 1000
- cross 400
- vertical 430
- one division of the limb (longitudinal, transverse, and vertical), 0,05 mm
- one turn of the longitudinal and transverse limb 6
- one turn of the vertical limb 2
Quill travel spindle by one unit per revolution of the limb, 0,05 mm / 4
Moving the sleeve spindle (vertical) 80
The diameter cutters for roughing, mm, 200 greatest
Length, mm
- from the end of the vertical (horizontal axis) spindle nose to working surface of the table, 30-500 mm
from the spindle axis to the guide frame 460
The speed of movement of the table, mm/min
- longitudinal and transverse 4000
- vertical 1330
Number of spindle speeds 18
Speed horizontal or vertical spindle, min-1 31,5-1600
The number of feeds table 22
Feed rate, mm/min
longitudinal and transverse 12,5-1600
vertical 4,1-530
The rotation angle of the spindle head, deg 45
Power, kW
the main motion drive 11
actuator feed 3
Weight of workpiece (with adaptation), 630 kg
Overall dimensions, mm
length 2570
width 2252
height 2430
Weight, kg 4300