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Grinding machine DF

Offer type: salePublished: 17.10.2014
Seller:Zajtsev Yurij Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Tverskaya Oblast'
Grinding machine DW horizontal spindle. Rational design of the frame, slide the cross slide table and wheelhead provide high rigidity and vibration resistance machines.
All working areas of the grinding machine DF automated. Has a great layout, high precision machining both flat and profiled surfaces. The layout of the machine allows you to successfully apply a special device type Diaform for dressing of grinding wheels for complex profiles productive and with high accuracy. Super precision angular contact spindle bearings provide surface treatment as the periphery and the edge of the circle with mirror purity, but in combination with the digital display and the ball-screw pairs at the nodes innings at the coordinates "X", "Y" allow you to handle horizontal and vertical ledges with micron precision. Stepless speed control of AC motor drive spindle allows you to select the optimum cutting speed for any size used grinding wheels. All movements of the working bodies are manufactured in hardened steel straps on roller bearings roller, which ensures high accuracy the durability of the machine when absolutely small efforts move. Automatic lubrication of all of the guides and guide screws for reliable protection from dust and abrasive particles minimizes the time for service of the machines. Compact hydraulic pump with a volume control with a forced ventilation system provides a constant low temperature of the hydraulic system of the machine and thus does not affect the precision of the machine. The coolant magnetic separator. For "dry" grinding on special request the machine can be equipped with a vacuum cleaner. Mechanisms of fast-moving coordinates "X", "Y" reduces the time for installation of the move. Automatic cycle processing of flat surfaces allows it to run at optimum technological modes (eat roughing and finishing allowances, nursing, the output table and the grinding head to its original position and frees the operator to perform auxiliary operations.
Dimensions of workpiece , mm Hg
The dimensions of the working table surface, mm h
The course table, 700 mm
Carriage stroke, mm 250
Move the grinding head, mm 440
Working table feed, m/min 1...35
Main drive power, kW 4
Overall dimensions, mm
length 2680
width 1775
height 2035
Weight, kg 2950