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Guillotine shears NA

Offer type: salePublished: 17.10.2014
Seller:Zajtsev Yurij Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Tverskaya Oblast'
Guillotine guillotine model NA designed to work in enterprises with a large amount of cutting shears for cutting sheet steel, requiring scissors guillotine uniform quality cutting, ease of maintenance and reliability.
Rigid all-welded construction of the basic constituent elements of guillotine shears, such as the bed, knife beam and style, makes this equipment is extremely strong and durable. Scissors with a reliable, well-proven mechanical drive, providing good performance of scissors to the energy required to carry out work. Quality standard features and a wide range of additional equipment will allow you to modify shears of this model in accordance with the specific tasks that need to be resolved.
The guillotine shear model A can be additionally equipped with: lateral and angular stops, front focus, rear focus with electronic display position, rear stop running PLC(Industrial Logic Controller and operator panel(high precision positioning and cutting of the sheet by a predetermined program), additional devices for output of finished workpieces from the working zone of scissors and other devices upon request.
All this, combined with the small dimensions and modest price, will allow even small businesses to perform the difficult task of cutting guillotine for cutting sheet metal thickness up to 16 mm and a length 2150 mm
The greatest thickness of the cut sheet when drilling and blasting. 50 kg/mm2 - 16 mm
Most cutting length 2000 mm *
The number of strokes of a knife in a minute 60 (at least)
The width of the cut sheet on the back fence 500 mm **
The number of cutting edges of the knife 2 ***
The distance between the posts in the light 2235 mm
The highest cutting force 8600 kg
The installed capacity of 27 kW
The tilt angle of the rolling knife 2G 10 min
The contact force 3200 kgf
Adjusting the stops Manual
The dimensions of the scissors, mm.
in the front ? back in 1950
left ? right 3325
height above floor level 2375
Lots of scissors (not more) 8000 kg
* Cut length 2150 mm
** Width of cut sheet trailing stop - 750, 1000 mm
*** The number of cutting edges of the knife ? 4