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Guillotine shears NC

Offer type: salePublished: 17.10.2014
Seller:Zajtsev Yurij Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Tverskaya Oblast'
Guillotine shears shears are designed for cutting sheet material with automatic installation of required size of the gap between the knife and clamp's force is proportional to the force of cutting, depending on the thickness of the cut sheet.
The design of the scissors includes three kinematic Assembly units having individual drives traffic and Autonomous management: the main kinematic chain, the back-rest, support thin sheet.
Modes of operation guillotine: automatic adjustment, single strokes, manual rotation.
All Assembly units and units guillotine mounted on the frame all-welded construction consisting of two racks, table, traverse and tie. The racks are made of a bore in which is installed on the bearings of the main shaft.
The main drive is mounted on the traverse. The rotation of the motor to the eccentric shaft through V-belt and spur gear.
The gearbox is made in the form of an aggregate node and consists of a two-speed gear.
Cutting mechanism mounted in the frame lugs on eccentric axes can be rotated. Consists of the presser and cutter beams.
Clamping beam tilting design: in its rectilinear guides moving knife beam.
The thickness of the metal with the ultimate strength of 500 MPa (50 kgf/mm^2), 4 mm
The width of the metal, mm 2000
The maximum width of the cut strip at the rear focus, 700 mm
Table height over floor level, mm 900
The highest cutting force, kN 78
The frequency of moves of a knife in minutes
- blank 68
- when cutting metal 25
The tilt angle of the rolling knife, deg 1 deg. 30 minutes
The dimensions of the scissors in the plan, mm
- from left to right 2150
- front to back (without lateral position) 1940
- the height of the scissors 1357
Shears weight, kg 4250
Genus power supply AC three phase
Voltage, V 380
The number of motors 2
The current nature of the electric scissors AC three phase
Main drive electric motor type ASM
- power, kW 5,6
- engine speed in min 1500
rotation frequency, min - 1 1500