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Guillotine shears NG-01

Offer type: salePublished: 17.10.2014
Seller:Zajtsev Yurij Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Tverskaya Oblast'
Guillotine shears, hydraulic guillotine designed for cutting metal up to mm table Length L=3200mm
The composition of scissors includes: welded frame, Desk with stationary knives, hydraulic cylinders, the rear stop.
The structure and operation of the scissors.
The bed shear welded, consists of right and left uprights connected by a transverse beam and ties.
Between columns fixed table on which there is fixed knives. The table can move to adjust the clearance between the movable and stationary knives.
The movable knife mounted on a knife beam, which is actuated by two hydraulic cylinders via a lever mechanism. The axis of the lever rotates in bearings rigidly connected with the stand and the frame crossmember.
The cylinders through the trunnion mounted in brackets which are rigidly mounted on the transverse frame.
Knife beam moves vertically in guides attached to the rack frame. Private guides is moved to the clamping beam. Clamping beam presses the workpiece to the table with the help of a plunger cylinders, which transmit the force from the rack to the beam. Lifting the presser beam is stab beam in the reverse course.
On a beam knife fixed focus rear, which is designed to stop the workpiece before cutting. The movement of the focusing is done by means of the handwheel located on the rear side of guillotine shears.
The greatest thickness of the cut sheet, 6 mm
Most long cut sheet, mm 3200
The angle of the movable knife, the castle 2
Stroke of a knife, mm 125
The distance from the floor level to the cutting line, 905 mm
Stroke stop rear, mm 500
Power, kW 7,5
The press dimensions, mm
From left to right 4100
From front to back 1580
Height 1960
Shears weight, kg 5050
The number of moves 8
The pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa 250