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sell bearings

Offer type: salePublished: 17.10.2014
NOTE: the Bearings. Different species. The sales order and warehouse.
Bearing 3518(GOST),22218
Bearing 3519(GOST),22219
Bearing 3520(GOST),22220
Bearing 3522(GOST),22222
Bearing 3524(GOST),22224
Bearing 7242A(GOST),30242
Bearing 7244A(GOST),30244
Bearing 7302A(GOST),30302
Bearing 7303A(GOST),30303
Bearing 7304A(GOST),30304
Bearing 7305A(GOST),30305
Bearing 7306A(GOST),30306
Bearing 7521A(GOST),32221
Bearing 7522A(GOST),32222
Bearing 7524A(GOST),32224
Bearing 7526A(GOST),32226
Bearing 7206A(GOST),30206
Bearing 7207A(GOST),30207
Bearing 7208A(GOST),30208
Bearing 7209A(GOST),30209
Bearing 3560(GOST),22260
Bearing 3564(GOST),22264
Bearing 3608(GOST),22308
Bearing 3609(GOST),22309
Bearing 3610(GOST),22310
Year of manufacture: 2014
Industrial packaging.
Shipping possible.
Company: LLC "JINB" Bearing
ICQ : 633269071
Skype: ldsh0101