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Offer type: salePublished: 16.10.2014
Seller:Bushuev Denis Yur'evich
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Address:Russian Federation, Kirovskaya Oblast', Vyatskiye Polyany
Fiberglass boat Bester 570 (formerly Poseidon 570) is suitable for Hiking, fishing and hunting on rivers, coastal zones, lakes, reservoirs and seas in daylight hours with agitation until completion points (wave height up to 0.75 m) under outboard motor with power up to 150 HP Motor boat Poseidon 570 can be used as a crew, working boat for various government services and inspection.
The device boats Bester 570:
The boat has ostrovskoye contours with transom stern. The shell of the hull and deck manufactured by the method of contact molded fiberglass polyester resin reinforced with glass fibre materials. Bester 570 (Poseidon 570) - boat, which is at a relatively small size and low price is great for sport fishing, hunting, and used as crew. Also good for walking and as a family boat. Poseidon-570 features the sustainability of the course on a small course. The cabin is surprisingly spacious and functional. In the cabin of the boat Bester 570 can be accommodated for the night three passengers. And the presence of three lockers allows you to remove the equipment and Luggage. The output from the open cockpit has a protrusion in the form of steps for easy movement in the boat, on which is mounted the seat. Thanks to the wide obnosy deck and high roof rails, you can safely walk on it. The driver and his assistant excellent visibility in all directions. The large windshield provides protection from the wind. Rotating seat can be adjusted forward and back on rails. For the Amateur to throw the bait will be space on the nose, and the armrests in the open cockpit is equipped with four cups under the spinning. Foldable seat at the stern for four. To protect the driver and passengers from wind and rain the boat in the basic version is equipped with removable screwed awning that covers the entire cockpit. The rigidity of the housing is additionally provided with a fill in micorphone space special foam that improves its seaworthiness, boosts capacity and dramatically reduces the possibility of flooding.
Specifications boat Bester-570:
Length, mm 5700
Width 2200 mm
The overall height, mm 1900
The amidships depth, mm 965
The height of the transom in DP, mm 510
The angle of the transom, grad. 14
Capacity/beds in the cabin, people 6/2+1
The weight of the boat, 650 kg
Maximum power outboard motor (HP) 150
The distance from the shore, 3000 m
Wave height, not more than 0.75 m
Maximum speed under motor 150 HP and loading 4 people, km/hour . about 85
Cabin length/width/height (max), mm 2200/1700/1400
Open cockpit, length/width (max) mm 1720/1950
The deadrise at the transom, grad. 18