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The wind chimes Feng Shui

Offer type: salePublished: 11.10.2014
Seller:Cuveniryi Podarki
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
Greetings from distant India You passed through the section in our online store Bells and the Music of the wind.
The music of the wind beautiful musical instrument current through the element of Wind, also referred to as "Singing wind". Tubes made of different materials, such as bamboo, bronze, aluminum, other tree species. And each instrument sounds differently, giving a unique ringing, carrying cleansing and positive.
Their use as door bells for cafes and beauty salons. Highlight the interior of their exclusivity. Assortment of bronze bells You will be pleasantly surprised, he is great. The bells are presented in different sizes, there is also a wooden handle, is with pictures. There are bells with Nepal - bells chakra. These bronze on thicker, with different ornaments and pictures. Ringing over his head like a bell, you cleanse the chakras. Tibetan singing bowls, one of the Wonders that come from the monasteries of Tibet through the Millennium. Made of alloy 7 metals, these miraculous Tibetan bowls have healing properties. The promotion of Tibetan bowl special resonator beech, You create a vibration that acts on You Wellness, as the bowl begins to "SING" and out comes spiraling vortex of positive energy in the space, which in turn absorbs the negativity in the room in which You are. And returns You already clean the space. It is also used as a musical instrument.
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