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Honeywell has released a functional and affordable barcode scanner Honeywell 1400g.

Offer type: salePublished: 10.10.2014
New from the American manufacturer Honeywell wired two - dimensional barcode scanner Honeywell 1400g promises to break all records of consumer demand.
As experts of SAURON, the device has reached a very functional and very affordable.
Honeywell 1400g designed for Omni-directional scan any barcodes. The model copes with bar code reading low quality, poorly prospectively contaminated barcode, and the barcode displayed on the displays of mobile devices.
In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of the possibility of upgrading the device. The model can be optimized for operations such as scans two-dimensional barcodes, as well as to read РDF code.
In SAUTRON tested promising new and has revealed the following benefits:
- Ability to select a license. The user may wish to purchase additional software licenses in case of occurrence of the corresponding necessary;
The scanner is compatible with Remote MasterMind™, which significantly reduces costs, because by using this software to become possible to remotely manage all your devices;
- Ability cheap upgrade scanner that allows to solve current problems and challenges arising in the future.
- Implementation of effective data collection. The scanner is capable of reading any linear bar codes.
Get reliable and affordable scanner Honeywell 1400g on the site or by phone +7 495 645-67-65.