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Booth M-106-01

Offer type: salePublished: 24.06.2019
Seller:Netunaev Andrej 79068043792
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Address:Berezovskiy, Russian Federation, Sverdlovskaya Oblast'
Booth M-106-01 for test and adjustment of automotive injectors of diesel engines, mobile diagnostic units, injectors of diesel engines 6,8 BN 21/21 various purposes
The stand allows you to check the following settings:
1) pressure at the beginning of the ascent of the needle;
2) the quality of fuel atomization;
3) the tightness of the shut-off cone;
4) the density of spray-on shut-off cone and the cylindrical part
The enlarged diameter of the mounting of the nozzle on the bracket.
Additionally, the stand comes with an adapter for injectors of the engine ON 21/21.
Main features:
The fuel supply is not less than 1 200 mm3/cycle,
The range of the reproduced pressure 0...40 MPa
Dimensions, HH mm, not more
The stand has a certificate of conformity.
Delivery time 5-7 days
The cost of 26 000 rubles