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Tobiko - flying fish ROE from Baltic Trading House

Offer type: salePublished: 05.10.2014
Seller:Baltika Yurij
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
Trading House Baltica offers from a warehouse in Kiev wholesale tobiko - flying fish ROE, production Indonesia, packing cardboard box 20 kg (10x2 kg).
Caviar is made by a unique technology!
Flying fish ROE tobiko is one of the most unpretentious products. She perfectly moves freezing and not lose after defrost their taste. That is why it supplied around the world, despite the fact that the habitat of flying fish is limited.
Tobiko is widely used in the preparation of sushi and rolls, salads and for decorating. Has a natural orange color, which increase with the help of ginger. Using other natural dyes (cuttlefish ink, juice, wasabi), paint the eggs in a black and green color.
Energy value per 100g: protein - 13G, fat 3.1 g, carbs - 10g; whole complex of vitamins a, b, C and D.
Calories: kcal 92,13
Store at -18°C
The shelf life of 24 months. from the date of manufacture.
The products are of high quality, certified and meets all established standards.
Competitive prices and flexible system of discounts! Wholesale party supplies!
Shipment of products on EXW terms with Khladokombinat No. 3, Kyiv.
Fish, seafood, caviar wholesale! Supplier of: Trade House Baltika, LLC, Kiev, Ukraine.