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Preparation for OIT and GIA, tutoring in physics

Offer type: servicesPublished: 04.10.2014
Seller:Tsentra razvitiya "Dialog" Tsentra razvitiya "Dialog"
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5.preparation for external evaluation in physics for students of 10-11 grades in the centre of the development DIALOGUE. Physics is one of the major natural Sciences, which is in line with biology and chemistry. Standard physics course consists of a number of sections: mechanics, thermodynamics and fundamentals of molecular-kinetic theory, electricity and magnetism, optics, quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. These sections need to learn in the given order. System concepts in physics is not so narrow as in mathematical Sciences, therefore, to teach the theory and practice simultaneously. Any physical phenomenon of physics is not an abstract thing, and completely real event. Experienced Tutors of our Center will help You do it correctly and at the optimum time. It is also important to understand what physics is based on mathematics, so it must be good and confident to possess mathematical basics. If, however, during the study of physics will have some mathematical gaps they need to fill, so as to understand the physical theory will be difficult. This will also help everyone our Tutors.