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Offer type: servicesPublished: 03.10.2014
Seller:Shevchuk Andrej
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
We offer a unique "Product" MIRACLE CUP is a disposable Cup made of cardboard with a capacity of 250 ml with FILLERS: "Tea", "Coffee", "Hot chocolate", "Cappuccino", "Soups", "Milkshakes".
The uniqueness of the MIRACLE of the GLASS lies in the fact that the ingredients are directly inside the Cup and there is no need to purchase a glass, spoon, tea bags, coffee, sugar, etc.
To the bottom of the glass snapped the pack with a sweet mixture that is equal in sweetness to 20 grams of regular sugar. For BROTH - package is used with dried herbs.
To drink TEA - design complemented by a special membrane that holds the tea leaves on the bottom of the glass that it excludes the main mass of its particles in the drink.
Top protective cover is advanced CAP - SPOON", which after opening formed along lines of bend and is used to stir the drink.
● currently available:
- Drink Packed dry, black Tea;
- Drink Packed dry, black Tea "COPACABANA";
- Drink Packed dry, black Tea "GINGER";
- Drink Packed dry, green Tea;
- Drink Packed dry, green Tea "prom QUEEN";
- Drink Packed dry, green Tea "treasures of the ORIENT";
- Drink Packed dry, Tea KARKADE;
- Drink Packed dry Tea "FRUIT";
- Drink Packed dry, instant Coffee;
- Drink Packed dry, Cappuccino CREAM";
- Drink Packed dry, Cappuccino "VANILLA";
- Drink Packed dry, Cappuccino "NUT";
- Drink Packed dry, Cappuccino IRISH CREAM";
- Drink Packed dry, Cappuccino "AMARETTO";
- Drink Packed dry, hot Chocolate;
- Drink Packed dry, the chicken Broth;
- Drink Packed dry, beef Broth;
- Drink Packed dry, mushroom Soup;
- Drink Packed dry, vegetable Broth;
- Drink packaged, Cocktail milk with banana taste;
- Drink packaged, Cocktail milk with strawberry taste;
- Drink packaged, Cocktail milk vanilla;
- Drink Packed dry, Cocktail milk with taste of raspberry.
● For sale off the shelf in retail outlets (shops) cups Packed by 5 pieces in colorful packaging type "Doy pack" - 4: black tea, instant coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate.
Paper cups - 10 reasons for choosing
1. The paper does not emit Chlorine, unlike polystyrene. Paper cups can be used for cold and for hot liquids, while in the polystyrene Cup is better to fill only cool liquids. This is because when filling the glass of liquid with a temperature above 60 ° C, polystyrene starts to produce chlorine, which together with the drink enters the body and causes significant harm to human health. Even to carry/to hold the Cup made of polystyrene with a hot tea is quite inconvenient, you can easily burn your fingers.
2. No third-party odors when exposed to hot water. In the process of pouring boiling water paper cups not emit odors, while the cups are made of polystyrene are smelly.
3. Paper cups are not re-usable, unlike polystyrene. If using paper cups, you can be sure that they may be used only 1 time, unlike polystyrene, which can reapply, which is unacceptable from the standpoint of hygiene.
4. Safety, environmental friendliness and ease of recycling. Many developed countries have already imposed a ban on the glasses, made of polystyrene, and use only their paper counterparts. This is due to the ease of recovery and recycling and absolute harmlessness to the environment. Agree, it is better than to wait more than 50 years before the plastic Cup he will give in to decomposition in the soil, or burned with the release of harmful chemicals.
5. Marketing things: and your ad is on our glasses? Paper cups are ideal for full-color printing. When placing the logo, trademark or slogan of the company to frequently used cups, this allows to significantly increase the popularity and brand awareness. Paper cups with printed advertising is ideally applicable for catering and coffee breaks during the seminar, various conferences, trainings, corporate parties and picnics.
6. A complete set. If the client wishes paper Cup with lid. This design is very convenient for cafes, where products are sold to take away. Light and sturdy paper cups are ideal for those who take food with him, and eats on the road.
7. More intensive cooling is to increase turnover. As practice shows, the use of paper cups at fast food restaurants can reduce the time required to service one customer, and to reduce the cooling time of hot liquids, which entails increasing turnover and profit. Just hot drinks, pour into paper cups, cool down much faster than the drinks that fill the glasses of foamed polystyrene or plastic. Accordingly, customers can accelerate the process of eating, and faster to free up space. This is especially true during peak hours.
8. Secure storage, at no cost to water and detergents. If using paper cups, the owner can hire fewer people to service customers. This is due to the fact that eliminated the time and expense (including water and detergent) to wash dishes. In addition to paper cups unnecessary to store in a special room, so they can be stored together with other products.
9. The silence of glasses to guard your nervous system. In a cafe with closed rooms, or rooms with large size, when using paper cups creates such thing as a comfortable atmosphere. The constant clatter of dishes not getting clients, and allows us to make the meal much more enjoyable. Especially it should be noted absolute security paper cups, as they cannot be split.
10. Paper tableware is the perfect choice for a picnic. Environmental care is an integral part of every cultural society, for this reason, it should be noted that for the recovery and recycling of paper cups do not require significant costs, and they do not harm the environment. And it is entirely contrary to the recycling of polystyrene cups, which themselves are decomposed in the soil for more than 50 years, and the process of their processing is very costly. Taking with him the paper cups on a picnic, You can just burn them in the fire after use, without fear of harm to the environment.