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Offer type: salePublished: 01.10.2014
Seller:Bushuev Denis Yur'evich
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Address:Russian Federation, Kirovskaya Oblast', Vyatskiye Polyany
Boat motor propeller aluminum "Bester-390"(open) is designed for walking, fishing and hunting on rivers, coastal areas, lakes and reservoirs in the warm season and daylight hours with an outboard motor with power up to 20 HP
The shell body is welded from sheets of aluminum-magnesium alloy with a thickness of 3 mm on the bottom and 2 mm on the sides (welding according to GOST 14806-80).
Open cockpit is equipped with three banks (in the middle there is a locker and two blocks of buoyancy on the sides, aft recess for placement of the fuel tank outboard motor and two blocks of buoyancy on the sides, the nose acts as a seat and a block of buoyancy).
The boat is equipped with three handles for running, lifting and eyebolt (on the stem). 3 years warranty.
Specifications boat Bester-390
Overall length, mm 3980
Width dimensions, mm 1700
The amidships depth, mm 600
The height of the transom in DP, mm 380
The thickness of the transom, mm (not more than) 40
The angle of the transom, grad. 13
The deadrise of the hull on the transom, grad. 8
Capacity, 3 people
(including outboard motor), kg 300..
The weight of the boat with equipment
and supply (without motor) kg 120
Maximum power
outboard motor, 20 HP