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Eurocup IBC container capacity 1000 litres for Granny and transportation fuel

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:1 787 UAH
Company:OOO 'Torgovo-promyishlennaya kompaniya 'Tehnoprom'
Seller:Sergej Aleksandrovich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Eurocup IBC container capacity 1000 litres for Granny and transportation fuel
Mobile refuelling capacity of 1,000 liters of polyethylene, the tray is designed to store and dosage delivery of diesel fuel.
Perfect for filling any kind of transport, agricultural and construction machines directly on site. Prevents the loss of working time for a refill on public gas stations.

The kit includes:

* plastic container (IBC container) in a metal crate, pallet for convenient transportation volume of 1000 l


What is an IBC container or simple - EUROCUP?

IBC-containers plastic containers manufactured by the method blowing or reformirovania, which are designed for multiple used primarily for transportation, storage of liquid and solid bulk products, food products, and most importantly chemical substances all hazard classes. Using AFROCUBA possible transportation and storage of liquid chemicals, acids, alkalis, alcohols, industrial oils, concentrates, fuel (other than gasoline) and other products. Eurocup in organizing irrigation areas, and some people manage another make of them a homemade septic tanks.

Until 2011 in Ukraine the production of afrocuba not been mastered, and where it is adjusted to produce containers for products only medium and low hazard classes, while the pallet containers, imported in Ukraine, meet the requirements for the carriage of substances and the first class of danger.

Trim all containers shall be in accordance with international standards on the transport of dangerous substances, and can include bleeding (respiratory) or safety valves. The package depends on the type of liquid and its concentration.
The pallet containers usually consist of a steel welded frame (reinforcement or steel tube) and a plastic inner container with service equipment. Frame afrocuba is made of welded steel profiles and sheets the subsequent colouring. Capacity for afrocuba is made of polyethylene with high resistance to various kinds of chemical connections. Depending on the destination on the tank-container install plastic floor drain or the gate.

Usually IBC-containers can be used in a wide temperature range, pallet containers ensure absolute tightness, mechanical strength, have chemical resistance. Despite the fact that these containers are suitable for transporting a wide range of substances, mostly they are used mainly supply of liquid substances - petrochemical products (mainly motor, turbine, aircraft, transmission, hydraulic and other oils), chemicals (alcohols, resins, acid etc), as well as food products and supplements thereto.

The advantages of using IBC-containers for export liquid chemistry"
Currently, the majority of these substances comes in rail tank cars, drums, bulk containers. IBC-containers is practically not used, or used, but in exceptional cases. The reason for this are the following factors:

• underdeveloped offer IBC-containers, resulting in the almost complete absence of demand;

• established over the years (though economically obsolete) system delivery and storage of substances;

• the high cost of the new IBC-container with respect to the transported product.


Quite often we have the following situation. Products for export leaves large companies-recipients, which, if it trading company, are Packed in IBC containers and other containers on the spot, to send her to small and medium consumer. This the added value resulting from packing IBC-containers (and for IBC containers, despite the fact that they also acquire), get a trading company and not the manufacturer. Even some of these deliveries were conducted in IBC containers (pallet containers), this added the cost would be received for production.

However, as already mentioned, today the demand for IBC containers are not developed, due to the fact that weak proposal. Produced in our country the pallet containers are not only low quality, but high price, reasonable use of technology rotational molding, while import manufacturers use the technology of the bulge. In the result, the proposal not only pushes the demand, but also deprives all the attractiveness using this type of packaging for consumer. If the price and weight of the containers would be significantly lower the benefits of using them even during transportation would be more obvious.

The benefits of transportation
When transporting substances in rail tank cars, when it comes to small parties (1-Cisterna), after delivery to the consumer, rail tank requires return, which significantly increases the cost of transportation. In the cases with IBC-containers returning them is not required.
W/e the tank is owned enterprise exporter, at the same time car platform is the property of the Railway and the railway itself costs on return W./D. platform back (usually using it for transportation of other goods). Exporter, after delivery of the goods this tank is forced to return her to venture back as the rule is empty, at the same time as the exported product move in smaller capacity to send its wholesale customers. So by the way, here are double the cost, which can exceed 150 $ . per tonne.
IBC-containers (pallet containers) return not require and are a universal solution to the problem of double costs transportation for exporters. In addition, as noted in the preceding paragraph, Eurocup -