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Buy carbide 350-400/kg, scrap pobedit VK, TK new and used

Offer type: buyPublished: 28.02.2015
Price:350 UAH
Seller:Artem Ivanovich
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Buy carbide women soldering,plates,powders, products, lathe cutting tools. New, used, surplus stock, the battle for the following positions:
the mixture tipped, plates,inserts,product brand UK, VK, VK8, T5K10, TC, TC, TC, MS, who protect, P20, TT and analogues;
titanium tantalo-tungsten plate, soldering TTC;
-carbide center, monolithic drill VC, TC;
-tooling/stamping snap-bk20 hard alloys, UK;
-calibrating sleeve, nozzle, drawing dies (dies), and so on;
-powders of tungsten-cobalt, titanium and cobalt, the tungsten carbide.
-tungsten plates CNT, TN and analogues;
-mineralokeramiki wok (not used);
-lathe cutting tools, tool holders (not used);
-drilling inserts, drill bits, milling cutter;
-electrodes VA, VL, etc.
The purchase amount without limitation.
The high price is negotiable. Terms of cooperation are discussed.
067 959-44-40, 050 903-44-40,
seven days a week, quick calculation!
Business and small parties!