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Lathe Optiturn TU2807 220/V400V (850 watts, 380/220V, turning length up to 700 mm, the diameter of the turning - up to 266 mm, weight 180 kg) - a bestseller!

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:39 750 UAH
Company:ChP, OOO
Seller:Yurij Aleksandrovich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

Main arguments: quality, efficiency and price.

Advantages OPTIturn TU2807 220/V400V:

Lathes with box feed for demanding work. Induction hardened and ground spindle (radial the beating of less than 0.009 mm), mounted on precision roller bearings class precision P5.

Hardened and precision polished prismatic guides of the bed made of grey cast iron (HRC 42 - 52).

Radial runout lathe cartridge less than 0.04 mm

The emergency stop button.

Longitudinal, transverse and the upper carriage of the caliper.

Automatic longitudinal the flow direction does not depend on the direction of rotation of the spindle.

Intercept limbs cross/top slide caliper, respectively 0,04/0,01 mm

Intercept limb quill back grandmother of 0.02 mm.

Fast clamp the quill back grandmother eccentric lever.

Lateral displacement of the rear dibs on +/- 5 mm for turning long cones.

The bed was natural aging for at least 6 months.

Double cermet bearing lead screw.

Cutting of metric and inch threads.

Change wheels provide a large range of threads.

The casing of the cartridge with the end switch.

Bearings high the payload.

Left/right rotation the spindle.

High-performance maintenance-free engine.

Protective screen.

Trapezoidal thread the lead screw.

Lead screw for threading thread and automatic longitudinal feed.

It is possible to install the system The CNC.

Excellent accuracy and large features at a very good price.


The greatest diameter the workpiece, mm - 265

The greatest length the workpiece, mm - 700

Center height, mm - 140

The rotational speed of the spindle, rpm - 150 - 2000

The number of speed - 6

Internal spindle taper MK 4

The diameter of the lathe Chuck - 125 mm

The diameter of the through hole in the spindle, mm - 26

Width of the bed, mm - 180

The limits of step cut metric threads mm - 0,2 - 3,5

The limits of step cut inch threads, threads per inch - 8 - 56

The inner cone of the quill tailstock - MK 2

Quill travel rear grandmother, mm - 85

The height of the tool holder cutter, mm 13,5

Automatic longitudinal feed, mm/Rev - 0,07 - 0,2

Engine, W - 850, 220V/380V

Overall dimensions, mm - HH

Machine weight, kg - 180

Warranty - 12 months

Our store is official dealer Optimum Maschinen


Package contents:

3 jam Chuck 125 mm

Centers resistant MK 2 and MK 4.

The casing of the cartridge.

The protective fencing.

The chip tray.

Lathe cutter from high-speed steel.

Kit maintenance tool.

Change wheels, 10 PCs

1 year warranty. Delivery throughout Ukraine.