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The remains of cable products AVVG, acwg,AR, VVG, KVVG,KG, ASBG, AASW

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Seller:Dmitrij Nikolaevich
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dniprodzerzhyns'k

name footage
Cable AVVG 2x2,5 m
Cable AVVG h m
Cable AVVG 2x4 m
Cable AVVG h 960m
Cable AVVG h m
Cable AVVG h 110m
Cable AVVG 3x4 100m
Cable AVVG 3x4+1x2,5 84M
Cable AVVG 4x2,5 730m
Cable AVVG h m
Cable acwg 10x2,5 m
Cable acwg h m
Cable acwg h,5 m
Cable acwg h,5 m
Cable acwg h,5 240m
Cable acwg 4x2,5 m
Cable acwg 4x4 150m
Cable acwg h,1911 m 5
Cable acwg h 375m
Cable acwg h 120m
Cable APvVng h/16 10kV m
Cable ASBG-6 h m
Cable ASBG-6 h m
Wire AR 4 m
Wire AR 16 m
Wire AR 2,5 343m
Cable VVG h,5 240m
Cable VVG 4x2,5 70m
Cable VVG 5x2,5 110m
Cable KVVG h,5 140m
Cable KVVG 14x1 120m
Cable KVVG 14x1,5 110m
Cable KVVG 4x1 m
Cable KVVG 4x1,5 135m
Cable KVVG 5x1,5 m
Cable KVVG h,90M 5
Cable Cwgg h,5 m
Cable KG h,5 50m
Cable XP HH,2 2500m
Cable PRC h,5 230m
Wire PSW 4x0,4 m
Wire TRD 2x0,4 82m