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VTL 1556

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:OOO "Titan"
Seller:Vasil'ev Oleg Vladimirovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Yaroslavskaya Oblast', Yaroslavl

The organization implements 1556 - vertical lathe boring the machine is double column used. The largest diameter of the workpiece - 2700 mm, the greatest diameter machining side caliper - 2500 mm, maximum height processed products - 1600 mm, the maximum load on the faceplate - 14000 kg Complete condition, tested. For more information and pictures on request and on the website


Offer other lathes, including CNC: 1550, p, dkz-HV, m, t, 1556, dkz(s)-2500x1250b, f, 1525, m, sk-16 tos, f, f, 1516, KS-447, schiess-froriep ke 14, 1541, 1551, 1512, f, f, m, 1531-1, 153, 1510, 1508, berthiez tfm-160, schiess 16dsc-125p, ski-12cnc, berthiez tfm-100n, skj-10nc tos, skj-8 d nc tos