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Boiler waste company Schmid (Shveitsariia)

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:Eurowood Group
Seller:Group Eurowood
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Address:Russian Federation, Ryazanskaya Oblast', Ryazan'

Boiler waste company Schmid (Shveitsariia)

Type - USTK 240Year - October 1996Thermal capacity of 240 kW at 50% humidityHumidity waste up to 50% more, up to 300 kWIn the composition of the boiler includes- automatic the soot removal system- special the modern system of turbulization (charge), increasing efficiency ofAll these systems allow the boiler to operate in continuous mode and the serviceneed only 1 once a year

- agitator / isolecithal waste from the bunker, including augers feed to the furnaceis Very good condition, worked in 3-4 months year

Was serviced by the manufacturer


The boiler is dismantled