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Sublimation vacuum table 3D heat press ST-1520 CASE edition

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:6 400 UAH
Seller:Pankin Vitalij Sergeevich
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy

3D SUBLIMATION MACHINE ST-1520 CASE edit. (vacuum sublimation table heat press) machine for sublimation printing of a new generation for printing on the covers of mobile phones, etc.. Print on more than 30 types of blanks for sublimation, namely:

- cases for phones for sublimation (Iphone, Samsung, HTC);

- covers a tablet for sublimation (Ipad mini, Ipad 2/3);

- cases for iPods (Ipod Nano 7, Ipod Touch 4, Ipod Touch 5)

- mug (Cup) for sublimation (any size and shape);

plates for sublimation;

- wine glasses, glasses, stones, crystals, glass, plastic, metal for sublimation.

Why You should buy 3D SUBLIMATION MACHINE ST-1520:

1. Multifunctionality: the sublimation of more than 30 kinds of covers, plates, mugs, and so on;

2. High quality sublimation printing: the ability of the machine to achieve the desired high temperature and to maintain it, which allows you to transfer the image better and clearer;

3. Good Assembly of the machine for sublimation: heat-resistant plastic, non-stick coated surface, secure the fan is designed for 10 000 hours;

4. Smart and stylish design: with the push of just one button You can start vacuum heat press, press the second You will be able to warm it to the desired temperature and is ready for use.

5. Light weight and compact size: the weight of sublimation thermal press no more than 6 kg, Desk space machine takes no more than Your laptop;

6. Low price: the cost of 3D machine for sublimation is one of its main advantages and You can see for yourself.

Set machine for sublimation picking CASE edit. includes:

in the form of cooling metal universal;

- 2 metal forms for sublimation;

- snap with handle for sublimation on covers;

gloves for working with high temperatures;

- thermostats 8mm*30 m;

the sample paper for sublimation;

- probe covers for Iphone 4/4S, Iphone 5/5S (1 pc. per model)

- warranty certificate;

- replacement silicone seals;

Warranty on vacuum heat press ST-1520 - 1 year from our company.

Video mini vacuum thermo-press You can watch on our YouTube page


Equipment CASE edition include starter set for printing on the covers under the phone.

All for sublimation printing look at our site - the heat presses and printers for sublimation, materials (procurement) for sublimation: covers for phones under sublimation mugs for sublimation templates (forms) for sublimation plates sublimation and much more for vacuum sublimation printing.

Osnovnaforma power 1.3 (kW)Maximum operating temperature 360.0 (deg.)The timer Display Dawukou indicator Doobie parametrises.0 (kg)Additional характеристикиМодельST-bet Coca-60 HzОбщая мощность1300WПитание220 VВакуумный nasos V, 10WМощность heating elements (total)1280WМакс. pressure vacuum nacosa,08 razmer working poverhnosti*200mm*momer the machine (packing)345mm*370mm*mos kg Garantia year