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heater radiator

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:220 UAH
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Electric heating item for cast iron or aluminum battery

  We present to Your attention Tans for radiators!

Heating elements for radiators is an alternative to traditional electric heaters, such as heaters, oil heater, electric boiler, air conditioning (heating mode).


You save :

the cost of the Heaters in 4-5 times cheaper than other similar electric heaters;

- Lack permits for the installation;

- Savings on installation, the ability to adjust The heater in the heat sink;

- Not "dry air" as space heating through water - existing radiators heating;

- When installed in the existing heating system You don't need to pay for additional equipment (pump, expansion tank, various types of valves)


The heaters are equipped the thermostat, which allows you to adjust the temperature in the range from +10 to +80 C.


Elegant design and compact the size of the thermostat of the Heater makes it almost not noticeable, thanks he fit in the appearance of the radiator.



Price is 220 UAH./PCs 1.5 KW (amplifiera area 10-15 square meters).


In the presence of there are different variants of the capacity of the Heaters.


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