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Vacuum suction cups for moving, lifting, moving

Offer type: salePublished: 16.04.2020
Company:TD Vektor
Seller:Stepanchenko Ol'ga Vasil'evna
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Ukraine

The vacuum Cup FIPA GmbH (Sming, Germany) intended for carrying, lifting, moving
- Great wibor suction cups for lifting and move, automation and robotization of the production process.
- Suction cups of different shapes: flat, oval, bellows, specialized;
- For lifting heavy parts and work in confined space;
- Fingers, spring plungers, fittings;
- Grippers, the gripper-fingers, capture system, and pneumatic pliers.
Vacuum components for the food, manufacturing, glass, pharmaceutical industry, lifting and handling equipment.
Pumps, ejectors, filters, valves and systems management.

Flat vacuum suction cups FIPA have high lateral stiffness through its shape and ribs. Suction cups provide reliable adhesion to the surface and high positioning accuracy when moving various goods. Flatand vacuumand suction cupsand has a rib stiffness that increases lateral stability and eliminates slippage, for example, when lifting and turning at different angles heavy and greasy sheets.


Vacuum slfouni sucker automatically adjust to any surface shape due to its flexibility and corrugated form. They are great for gripping and holding a very light and sensitive to impact and deformation of materials that have a curve surface, as, for example, film, paper, special packing. Having the shape of an accordion, vacuum bellowshand sucker compensate for different the height of the non-planar objects.

Oval and rectangular suction cups FIPA are designed to attach to surfaces have edges, protrusions or if it is impossible to apply a circular sucker because of the limited space or geometric surface features. Also suitable when working with rectangular long or heavy objects, providing a large area of capture.


Specialized vacuum suction cups. We offer a wide range special suction cups FIPA for the automotive industry, wood processing, production and processing of glass, printing and production of products food and other industries, including the production of the CD-ROM drive or the processing and transport of eggs, marshmallow, drugs, confectionery, candy, thin film materials. Materials and shapes the suctioninto FIPA optimized and adapted in accordance with specalty's requirements of a particular production.

Range of sizes.

The material of the suction Cup is selected according to the conditions operation.