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Starter PS-U2 on TGM 4

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:TOV T.K.S
Seller:Griga Oleg
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Address:Ukraine, Vinnytsia Oblast', Vinnytsya
Electric starter type PS-U2 is used to start the diesel engine and is designed for short-term battery operation.
Basic settings when powered by battery type 32TN-450 voltage V or type STAN-140M speed 254 a/h and voltage 60V when the supply wires with a maximum length of 10 m and a cross section of 120 sq. M. of copper:
- nominal power 22 kW
- maximum torque at starting 156,8 N-m (16 kgf-m)
- rated speed 2500 rpm./minutes
the moment the scroll at the rated speed of 8.5 kgf-m
Using a closed, horizontal, designed for fastening to a diesel engine by means of clamps and fixing end.
The direction of rotation right (clockwise) drive side.
The mode of operation of the starter PS-U2 short with a duration of up to 6 S.; Pets fourfold start with the interval between inclusions of not less than 10-15 C.
The interval between four starts to cool at least 30 minutes
Weight starter 65 kg
Shipping New Post on WSJ Ukraine.
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