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The lathe table Quantum D250x550

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Seller:Reshetnyak Kostya
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Main technical characteristics of the machine.МодельD250x550Номер art.342 0550 (220)the art Room.342 0553 (380 V)МодельD250x550 DC Vario*the art Room.342 0556 (220)Technical characteristicsidentityidentity W 220/380 V ~50 Hz*Motor Vario1,1 kW 220 V ~50 Stanochnye danielita centers, Mina the length of the workpiece, mine processing over bed, mini frame, met spindle, rpm min - ant Stupina*spindle speed Vario, about/men - 2800*Number of stages Vario2, busstop. regulirovaniya cone spindly diameter through hole in the spindle, MHD upper carriage caliper, MHD transverse carriage support, mini taper quill back babkirk peremeshenie tailstock quill, MLA feed rate, mm/Ob,1 - 0,2 Limits step cut metric threads, mm,4 - 3,5 Limits step cut inch threads, threads on duim - wisata holder cutter, mini razmenyajte sizes, mm x 600 x MS machine, kg