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Machine vertical drilling B25

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Seller:Reshetnyak Kostya
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Main technical characteristics of the machine.ModelB25Room art.300 8253 (380 B)Technical characteristicsidentityidentity W 380 V ~50 Diameter shirleymcclain drilling capacity in stale maximally diameter long hole drilling in stale manets spindlestone spindly Valet axis spindle meremeta Pinole Momcilo borodavchasta rotation spindle - 2220 about/minkalaisesta skorostril starsman stole x 275 Mesmer T-shaped pasov maksimalno distance from the spindle to stole Mesmer osnovaniya x 220 maksimalno distance from the spindle to osnovaniya megabrite risperidone колонныø 70 megabrite razmery x 390 x 1570 Massa stance kg