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The entire November - LPG vsego rubles, instead of 2300 rubles!

Offer type: servicesPublished: 31.10.2013
The procedure is performed by the original method developers apparatus on the whole body.
In autumn, the metabolic rate decreases, and the body is extremely reluctant to part with fat accumulation. Massage LPG - effective way to give your metabolism the metabolism to go into "hibernation" and to minimize weight gain during the autumn-winter period.
Massage or LPG Endermologie, stimulates metabolism, affecting the body by mechanical manipul (vacuum-roller). Tissues studied so deeply that blood circulation and lymph circulation "sprints" and the body gets rid of excess fluid, toxins and waste products. Start the process of lipolysis, that is, the fat begins to split and actively excreted from the cells. At the same time cloth saturated with oxygen, normal delivery to the tissues of nutrients. LPG has a pronounced anti-stress effect. Immediately after the massage LPG feels lifting strength and ease of movement.
7 reasons to make LPG in the clinic " < > in November:
Endermologie allows for the correction of localized fat deposits and make the silhouette more clear;
Align the relief of the skin and become the basis for a comprehensive treatment of the cellulite;
To eliminate swelling;
To reduce the severity and the area of the stretch marks;
To tighten the skin and make it more dense, elastic, smooth and healthy;
LPG has a beneficial effect on the Central nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems;
Saving 800 rubles!
Before carrying out LPG massage need to consult a phlebologist.Read more about the method LPG You can read here.
Individual costume for LPG sold separately.The cost of LPG costume.
The promotion is valid from 1 November to 30 November 2013.