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The Ozonizer Air Plasma Azonic

Offer type: salePublished: 10.10.2013
Seller:Mitish Nikolaj
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Address:Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea
The ozonizer "AZONIC" on the basis of plasma glow discharge. Performance to mg/H.
The fan used in ASONIKA when the static pressure is zero when the supply voltage of 220 V is not less than 200 m3/h
Has automatic turning unit, protection against overheating and subsequent recovery of the instrument, protect it from shocks, and great protection from the generation of electric current.
Stable operation of the device in networks where there is a large voltage drops.
The device developed by leading radio constructors of Ukraine and the former CIS - using modern technologies.
At the moment the instrument of this quality . with these characteristics, at least three times cheaper than their counterparts imported from different countries of the world.
Applies to:
•In residential premises;
•In the workplace, in schools and classrooms;
•In dormitories, classrooms, offices, kindergartens, day nurseries;
•In clinics, hospital wards, hospitals;
•In clubs, gyms, cafes, restaurants, bars, canteens;
•In hairdressing, beauty and massage salons;
•In hotels, boarding houses, rest houses. sanatoriums;
•Billiard, casino, discos;
•In shops, Department stores, on the stock exchanges;
•In incubators, shops for the sale of animals, fish;
•In flower shops, greenhouses for growing vegetables;
•In concert halls, theatres, museums, exhibitions, auction;
•Stations of technical service, in showrooms;
•In distilleries, wine cellars, workshops chemical plants;
•In trains, on all types of transport;
•In computer rooms, on radio and television studios;
•In refrigerators.
Type In Yandex or Google "Ozone Azonic" and You popdate on the website with a detailed description of the device.