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Plywood under the floorboards Kharkov: moisture resistant plywood under the floorboards, laminate, linoleum, array buy quality plywood for the floor in Kharkov!

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:Fanera Har'kov
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
Plywood flooring (substrate) made of plywood FC or PSF is one of the many main stages of preparation of the floor under the floorboards, under the floorboard, under the laminate, linoleum.
Plywood water-resistant (PSF) or resistant (FC) - it is especially important to lay before you start work on laying the parquet, artistic parquet, solid wood and laminate.
So if you have decided to stop on these types of coverage we recommend that you not try your luck and enjoy quality (certified), birch plywood in our company.
This is to ensure that when the humidity or flooding, you are not punching the floor. Concrete screed in such cases will not fit due to the fact that it loses stability in such conditions.
The parquet is laid on a waterproof (FC) or waterproof plywood (PSF) plywood will not come off and it will be very easy to restore, just polishing and varnishing, and this is much easier than to translate from scratch.
Another variant. If you are going to lay laminate or parquet plank floating fastening system. In this case, the floor can be laid directly on the concrete floor.
But if in a few years you will want to change the cover for a more fashionable or beautiful then you will be forced again to pay for the preparation of the base. With plywood such problems will not arise, it is easy to remove the old coating and use it in another place and new flooring will not be so costly.
The flooring of plywood on a wooden floor with a concrete screed is very popular among owners of country houses and cottages. Due to its insulating characteristics. The plywood flooring allows you to hold 20% more heat in the house!
- Bed plywood you can get rid of the unpleasant scratches and the echoing sounds of steps.
Flooring plywood technology and nuances:
Concrete base mounted single layer of plywood from 10 to 21 mm
Sheets of plywood are attached to the glue with additional fasteners in the form of screws and anchors which are not fixed by twisting and hammering.
Also in order to comply with technologies produce grinding concrete screed and plywood before laying the floor.
The materials we have in stock, imported directly from manufacturers.
All of our certified plywood. When production use only high quality raw materials and high-quality equipment!
Eventually, you get excellent products, quality repairs using our materials for many years, good mood, Economie of Your time that may be spent for searching unnecessary fakes, which leads to unplanned additional costs.
There are also shipping plywood in Ukraine. Plywood can be cut to your size for sawing machine, which is convenient for transportation, skid plywood into the room and saves You from unnecessary dust and work.
To order the plywood in Kharkov You can by phone: (057)754-79-80