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Amalgam UV lamp high power

Offer type: salePublished: 07.12.2017
Company:TD Vektor
Seller:Silant'eva Ol'ga Vasil'evna
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Amalgam UV lamp high power creates the irradiation intensity is several times superior to conventional mercury lamps high pressure. This allows you to create powerful and energoeffektivnye purification systems from viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores without the use of chemical reagents. Andmanganye lamp safer than mercury or traditional fluorescent, because mercury in the cold lamp is in a bound state, which facilitates the recycling of lamps and does not require special measures demercurization damaged bulb. Are several types of amalgam UV lamps high power:

  • shoobridge;

  • of synthetic quartz with increased formation of ozone;

  • Bessonova.

Field of application: Disinfection water systems drinking water treatment and wastewater, integration into the system ventilation and air conditioning, disinfection of ships ' ballast water, disinfection of air and surfaces, bacteriological tests, integration in a ventilating system for sterile rooms.