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the lactic acid. Always in stock

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Lactic acid in its pure form is a colorless crystals, but because of the high hygroscopicity usually use its concentrated aqueous solutions, which are colorless or slightly yellow transparent syrupy liquid with a sour taste and a faint characteristic odor. Refers to ?-the hydroxy acids (AHA/AHA), is non-toxic. Weak acid, soluble in all proportions in water, alcohol, ether and glycerol.
Lactic acid is formed by the lactic acid fermentation of sugars, in particular in processes milk, fermentation of wine and beer.
In industry lactic acid is produced by hydrolysis of 2-chloropropionic acid and its salts or lactonitrile followed by the formation of esters, separation and hydrolysis of which leads to a high quality product.
The density 1,209 g/ml melting point of 18° C, the boiling point of 122° C.