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Tartaric acid. Always in stock

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Ashurov Sanya
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
Tartaric acid is a colorless hygroscopic crystal or white powder, odorless, but have a very sour taste, very soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in benzene, ether and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Is dibasic potassium salt of the acid. There are three stereoisomers (D-, L-, matovina acid) and the racemate.
The density of 1.76 g/cm?, the melting point of 170° C.
Tartaric acid is a common natural compound. In a significant number contained in the acidic juices of many fruits, for example, in grape juice.
Produce tartaric acid from different raw materials, it can be a waste of the wine industry, for example, tin tartrate or lime, are also used dried wine yeast or, very rarely, fresh fruit.