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The heater pulp brand VPM-20

Offer type: salePublished: 02.02.2022
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Company:PKF 'Tehno-T'
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Address:Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Nizhyn, Ukraine

The heater pulp mark VPM-20 is used in wineries and is designed for heating of the pulp, wine and wines to t=75 C.

* Principle of operation

Fiber adjustable pump, installed in production line, through the pipe is fed into the cavity of the inner block the corps. Moving on it and mixed with a mixer, pulp pre negresses, enters the cavity of the tank outer casing, where the final heated and is discharged through the nozzle. For the time of passing through both the hollow fiber is heated to t=75° C. rotation of the agitators improves heat transfer from steam shirts to the pulp.

Steam flow is carried out automatically by the controller based temperature the temperature of the pulp at the outlet of heater.

The condensate is carried out automatically when using trap installed in the condensate line. When you start heater and when the failure of the trap, the condensate may be made through the loop system.

Removal of residual pulp, wine,wines rinse the cavity of the heater is conducted through pipe(6).

* Specifications

capacity, t/h 20

the initial temperature of the pulp, °C 12

end the temperature of the pulp, With 75

working steam pressure, MPa 0,17

working the steam temperature From 115

the consumption of steam, kg/hour 2 200

speed agitators, (about./min) 1,5 (90)

overall dimensions, mm 4150*1280*1800

weight, kg 2500