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Bentonite installation for the preparation of suspensions of bentonite - Disintegrator CSS-0.5 on a mobile trolley

Offer type: salePublished: 03.02.2022
Price:12 000 $
Company:PKF 'Tehno-T'
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Address:Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Nizhyn, Ukraine

The process the preparation of suspensions of bentonite is used in almost all the wine-growing plants. It is associated with considerable costs of labor and energy. In the study of fractional composition of bentonite suspension installed that small homogeneous fraction does not exceed 20%, so a certain part of the liquid perioclscarfing or nadaokascarfing. It leads to an increase in the dosage of bentonite,when processing wort and wine, because a large fraction of bentonite suspension quickly settles, not engaging in interaction with components of the environment.

Institute grapes and wine "Magarach" for the first time in world practice developed technology and equipment for manufacturing bentonite suspension cold way: within 1-3 minutes (during sleep bentonite into the tank) without the use of pairsand. In the development is based on scientific achievements that exceed the global level. The apparatus for preparation of bentonite suspension CSS-0,5, in which used the principles of "NO-TESN" and "Know-how", which significantly reduce energy costs and improve quality the bentonite suspension. The technology is based on the principle of cavitation.

Installation consists of: dismembrator; tankand with the agitator; frame; electropositive equipment. All parts are integrated into one combined unit.

Principle of operation position: tank with agitator pour the required amount of water or wine stock. Include dismembrator and a stirrer, creating circulation of water between the tank and dismembrator. Next into the tank fall asleep necessary the quantity of bentonite and mix for 10-15 minutes. The powder passing through the rotor dismembrator, dispersed and strongly associated with water.

The working body the installation combines the capabilities of a centrifugal pump and high efficiency dismembrator that allows for 1-3 minutes, without the use of a pair of to make a bentonite suspension (with a mass fraction of from 5 to 20%.

Microdose suspensions are prepared for a few milliseconds at a temperature of 1000 degrees and pressure of about 800 atmospheres. This is achieved by grinding particles of bentonite to 8 microns and even pasting the working surface of the liquid (water or blame). The plant provides 100% of the homogeneity of the suspension, the use of which in the production of wines of different types of provides significantly lower doses of bentonite and gelatin in the processing of wine. Made a "cold" way to CSS-0.5 bentonite suspension saves sterility may be stored without a decrease in the sorption capacity and hygiene indicators and without discharge of water for at least 3 months. In the result of this treatment, the suspension grapes, precipitate out 3-4 times denser from the precipitate, which is obtained by traditional treatments and not rising from the bottom. Warranty processing against colloidal haze - 2 year traditional - 5-6 days).

Most the processing efficiency of the wine is achieved by combining CSS-0.5 and installation for dispensing ingredients in the stream grade VDI-10.

On the main the winery DK NPAO "Massandra" bentonite suspension "cold" production of processed more than 100 thousand dal wine that is possible to ensure high quality and stability the finished products. In the world practice of winemaking equipment of this type developed for the first time and has no analogues.


Time slurry preparation, minutes


Uniformity suspension, %


The capacity of the tank, m3, not less


Installed motor power, kW


Occupied area, m2, not more than




- specified operating life, h, not less


- set the resource to repair, h, not less


- average life to retirement, years, not less than


Overall dimensions, mm, not more

1300 x 600 x 1500

Weight, kg, not more