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Line feed production, waste fish, meat, poultry, alcohol, beer production

Offer type: salePublished: 19.02.2022
Company:PKF 'Tehno-T'
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Address:Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Nizhyn, Ukraine

Offer products of Plant Techno-T, which produces and offers for acquisition setup giromagny: PMU-5 (performance up to 5 tonnes/day), I-WBI (up to 10 t/C), A1-IZR (up to 35 t/s), RMU-60 (up to 60 t/s), RMU-80 (80 t/s), RMU-120 (up to 120 t/s) and more . Installation giromagny and fish meal plants are designed for the production of fishmeal and technical fish oil from fish waste, low-value species of fish and other meat waste. These settings may to use, not only for fish production, but also for processing of meat, chicken, bone and other wastes for feed flour. All fish meal plants and seromycine equipment is assembled and installed in the form of one is coupled to installation in a minimal footprint for placement. High performance maximum dehydration sodden mass, which provides a low load on the dryer, which reduces its the size and the consumption of steam and electricity. All functions management are collected on one remote control. The installation is served by one or two man. Perhaps agregate performance. The cost of the machines from 80000 dollars.

In addition to the Plant Techno-T (, Nigin of Chernigivska region) manufactures, repairs and offers drum dryer installation disk and tubular running on a couple intended for osushivaniya to a moisture content of 8-10% crude: pulp, distillery stillage, spent grains, beet pulp, bran, grated vegetables, and chopped unthreshed grains, Podrabinek animal entrails and other liquid and raw products. The product capacity ranges from 70 to 690 kg/h.

Dryers completed the drying unit consists of a hopper with conveyor sicovam and pump, piston pump, separator (dehydrates from 93%), press (dehydrates 85%), mills 0.4 t/h or crusher, pneumatic, steaming complex (hopper, mixer and grinder 1.5 t/h), scales with testatika and mounted on the frame. It is possible to manufacture the entire line of equipment from the stainless steel.

Also available crusher - dryer and cyclone dryer for drying wet (60% humidity) pulp, peat, sawdust, straw, sunflower husks up to 12-14% moisture, heat which runs on solid fuel. Contact tel: +380939662050, +380681945008, e-mail: , Valentine, Manager of Techno-T.