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Pellet mill line dewatering and drying of fodder, fuel

Offer type: salePublished: 01.02.2022
Company:PKF 'Tehno-T'
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Address:Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Nizhyn, Ukraine

Plant Techno-T produces and offers for purchase Pellet mill FCU-1.

Pellet mill FCU-1 designed for the production of feed pellets of dry bulk materials. Pelleting can podvergatsya most types of biomass with a relative humidity of about 14%. Raw material for pellet production with by using a pellet mill FCU-1 are: potreblenie peat, distillery grains, bran, brewer's grain, beet pulp, sawdust, straw, husk, lignin, hay, sapropel, litter, fire flax, manure, sugarcane (cane), mushroom substrate and more fodder and fuel raw materials. Pelleting of feed results in the ability to prepare food the desired composition by providing an introduction both liquid and granular Kimovich additives and medicines. Reduces the probability of falling into food pathogenic bacteria. Processed on the press-granulator feed is much better maintained and transported. The flowing part of the pellet press are made of stainless steel. The service is made by one person. Performance from 6 to 11 so/h, the number you enter in the weight molasses or fat - 3%, engine power 90 kW.; Max. particle size before pressing-3-mm; Humidity for pressing up to 14%, the steam flow rate to 550,0 kg/h, pressure of 3.5 kgf/cm2; dimensions him, the weight of one press 3610 kg

The granulator is equipped with suchilinon-granulatorsth complex produced Techno-T, consisting of: piston pump, separator (dehydrates from 93% to 80%); the hopper sicovam conveyor and feeder, press (dehydrates from 85 to 60%), clothes installation (drying from 60 to 10%), mills 0,4 t/h or crusher is 1.5 tn./h, pneumatic, steaming complex (hopper mixer and crusher 1,5 t/h), pellet press, scales with testatika and installed on frame. It is possible to manufacture the entire line of equipment from stainless steel.

Please contact the Manager Valentina for phone .+380939662050, e-mail: