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New business ideas, franchise fluorescent paints

Offer type: продамPublished: 27.02.2020
Price:30 000 UAH
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Noxton company Tech invites You to become a long-term partner in the field of new technologies.

Especially for You, the company has developed an effective realization of EcoClassic luminous materials - ready "franchise luminous paint, a package of franchises glow in the dark paint. At the initial stage You will want to know what is the advantage of the material from which they are made and how You can profit from them. Let us explore this in stages, what the product is, the cumulative paint?

The unique advantage of generating light paint - the ability to burn in the dark for up to 8-12 per day.

The ink composition is made with the addition of the luminous component of the phosphor TAT 33, which accumulates the energy of light. Colored item must be pre-charged natural or artificial light source: ambient electric light, directional light from lamps, sunlight, etc, and then a glow-in-the-dark composition begins to independently extract light in the dark.

Luminescent paint. implemented in a variety of areas and fields in automotive tuning, printing and advertising, exterior and interior, color of flowers, textile industry, construction much more.

That includes deductible luminous colors Noxton:

- The only current mission, the signing of the cooperation agreement and the sale of luminous materials exclusively through existing partner;
- Diverting customers from the region working on the branch;
- Optimum ratio "price/quality" is a major factor when making choices representation;
- Best dealer prices on all the bright colors and the entire range of products Noxton Tech;
- Optimal quality of luminous paint, which makes it possible to without difficulties to implement a luminous products;
- Cumulative discounts with constant sending bonus liters and advertising samples;
- Ensure the whole package of technical information and recommendations on how to successfully use products TAT 33
- Qualified consulting engineers and managers;

Our team is open to long-term cooperation, so for You we have created a loyal conditions of work, we have no mandatory quarterly procurement and strict requirements for the franchise. We welcome Your inquiries.