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narrow-web flexographic 8 colorful machine with the Central printing cylinder

Offer type: salePublished: 30.07.2018
Company:PAO 'Kievpoligrafmash'
Seller:Sergej Alekseev
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

FDR-420/8 acceptance tests - narrow-web flexographic 8 colorful machine with the Central printing cylinder


Max. speed, 250m./minutes

Type colorful the apparatus is closed, the doctor cameras

The number the printing apparatus -8

Max. width print-420mm

Interval print print - 209 mm...

Maximum the diameter of the roll in the unwinding/winding - 600/600 mm

The type of drying - heat


Eight-tone narrow-web flexographic machine planetary building destined-right to print an alcohol and water paints in 8 colours and UV paint or varnish (additional section) on roll the material of full-color images with the use of additional special colors. The machine allows you, with appropriate options, to produce the following operations: cutting, cold embossing, laminating, varnishing, trim edges and longitudinal cutting.

   Planetary scheme provides flexible choice of printing material and compact design.

     The machine works with both stretching and not stretchy materials, namely: self-adhesive materials (film, paper), laminated materials, including foil, polymer film, paper, glassine, aluminum foil and casings (polyamide, bilkozynu etc).

      The frame sections provides a good the combination of colors and stable pressure in the printed areas. Printing cylinder and plate shafts mounted in the bearings with equipment companies SKF, INA a high degree of accuracy. Printing cylinder has good precision manufacturing and coated with a hard chrome finish. The print quality is ensured hard design printing unit and precision gears. Inking units with the doctor closed chamber equipped with ceramic anilox rollers company "ZECHER".

The machine has the optimal level of automation for maximum performance and ease of maintenance, triple-effect system tension adjustment, separate managing the onslaught of anilox and plate rolls.

    Perfect drying system provides efficient drying in the entire speed range, on all materials and removal products paint drying. Fan air supply printing unit allows smoothly adjustable with the remote control the amount of air in the nozzle drying, devices are provided to adjust the flow in each printing apparatus. Section set the cylinder cooling printed material rotary coupling DEUBLIN for removal of heat from the zone of the coil-winding machine.

        The machine is equipped with a system video print with adjustable image magnification that allows it is convenient to control the printing (option). The camera has different modes positioning and simple control system.

Electrical equipment located in the electrical Cabinet and in three control panels on the car. Programmable controllers, variable frequency drives of the machine used by firms MITSUISHI and ABB. Sensors are used TURCK.

     The machine comes in different variants picking sites for finishing operations after the printing process (options): lamination, varnishing, die-cutting and cutting blade.

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