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Crusher dim 800K for cube-shaped crushed stone from solid rock.

Offer type: salePublished: 19.06.2019
Seller:Elena Aleksandrovna
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Crusher dim 800K for cube-shaped crushed stone from solid rock.

Obukhov industrial company produces crusher dim 800K. The basis of dim 800K put innovative method serial impact crushing. Crusher dim 800K has no analogues in the way of crushing and has significant advantages:

   1. High performance - up to 120 t/h loading;

   2. A high degree of comminution to the desired particle size in just one stage, the maximum reduction ratio up to 1:200 ( no analogues in the world ) ;

   3. The possibility of grinding in one stage, a piece of a maximum size of up to 400 mm, which leads to a reduction of raw material costs;

   4. Minimum energy consumption compared with other crushers such performance and functionality-75kW/hour;

   5. Crushing materials with moisture content of 12%;

   6. High output cube-shaped crushed stone up to 95%;

   7. Crusher for minimum time (several minutes) is reconfigured to obtain the final product of the desired fraction;

   8. Crusher reliable, not consuming process liquids (grease bearings 1 time per month), requires minimal time to complete replacement of wearing parts;

   9. In the process of crushing material is mixed and activated, the stone is crushed along the line of natural faults, which increases its durability;

  10. Crusher combination, do not need the construction of building foundations.