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Equipment for the processing of concrete

Offer type: salePublished: 19.06.2019
Seller:Elena Aleksandrovna
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Equipment for the processing of concrete

Obukhov industrial company offers a unique technological solution for processing raznoabraznyh concrete. Currently, the PCR produces and supplies four different options performance process line equipment for processing large-size reinforced concrete and construction waste in the gravel and sand, getting reinforcement for scrap.

Our technological lead line processing of fragments of concrete up to size him without pre-cutting. Maximum performance-30m3/hour.

Primary destruction of concrete products with the release valve is in the machine with the pressure. MAshina press-destructive MPR-1500 has a fixed grate table, and the product is moved along the table to the press, which is the destruction of the structure to pieces up to 200 mm Powerful lever Gidropress the full width concrete products destroys the concrete and presses it through the bars, when this is released the valve. Advancing concrete products retry cycles press processed the entire panel. The line: MPR-1500, aggregate crushing, aggregate grading, guard magnet, conveyors.

The final product is sorted into fractions of crushed stone, sand, fittings for scrap.