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Zinc oxide

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White or white with a yellowish white amorphous powder, odorless.
It is also known that zinc oxide has a photocatalytic activity, which in practice is used to create self-cleaning surfaces, antibacterial coatings for walls and ceilings in hospitals, etc. photocatalytic water purification on an industrial scale zinc oxide in currently not used.
In addition, the powder zinc oxide is a promising material as the working environment for powder lasers. On the basis of zinc oxide created the led is blue. Thin films and other nanostructures based on zinc oxide can be used as sensitive and gas biological sensors.
Properties of zinc oxide make it widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Zinc oxide is widely used in creating abrasive tooth pastes and cements in therapeutic dentistry, tanning creams and beauty treatments, the manufacture of electrical cables, artificial leather and rubber products. In addition, the widespread use in tire, paint, oil refining industries. Zinc oxide is involved the process production of glass and ceramics.