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Lactic acid

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Lactic acid (Lactic acid, E270) - transparent liquid without turbidity and sludge, having a mild, characteristic of lactic acid odor and sour taste.
Lactic acid mordant used in dyeing, tanning production, fermentation in the shops as microbicides, for the supply of pharmaceuticals, plasticizers. Ethyl and butylacetate used as solvents of cellulose ethers, drying oils, raises. oil; butyl lactate as a solvent of some synthetic of polymers.
In the food industry is widely used as a preservative and antioxidant. In Russia permitted to be used without restrictions.
Applies lactic acid in the canning, meat, fish, dairy, fat and other food industries industry. Lactic acid finds application in agriculture for cooking and canning of animal feed; in veterinary medicine as a drug, has antiseptic and protivopolojnym action.
Lactic acid is mainly found in dairy products. Formed in yeast dough. Produced by fermentation of sugar solutions (molasses sugar production) and waste milk production (buttermilk, serum) lactic acid bacteria. Used in the manufacture of soft drinks and some Beers, confectionery.