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Magnesium sulphate

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Magnesium sulfate (magnesium sulfate) is a free-flowing powder, which is of colorless crystals. Has a white or light gray in color depending on the brand.
The scope of application of magnesium sulphate:

in the form of fertilizers used in agriculture
in the manufacture of Soaps, various synthetic detergents.
in the production of fodder yeast
in the chemical industry
in the textile industry
in metallurgy
in the paper industry
in the pharmaceutical industry

Transport, storage
Magnesium sulfate 7-water is transported by all modes of transport with mandatory protection from precipitation, other namakani and mechanical damage. Magnesium sulfate 7-water stored in closed dry storage facilities, providing protection from moisture, contamination and mechanical damage to the container, the shipping container stacked on shelves or pallets that are installed on a flat, solid basis. The stack height is not more than three tiers.