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Potassium-sodium tartrate

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Il'ya Vladimirovich
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Potassium-sodium tartrate (potassium sodium tartrate)KNaC4H4O6*4H2O - colourless crystals in the mass of white.
Potassium-sodium tartrate (potassium-sodium tartrate, Rochelle salt) - colorless crystals of the orthorhombic system. Potassium-sodium tartrate melts at 70-80 °C in a water of crystallization. At 100 °C enters monohydrate KNaC4H4O6·H2O, at 130 °C loses the last molecule of water. When stronger heating of the reagent is decomposed with the evolution of CO and H2O; the remaining charred LOI forms KNaCO3.
Salt is highly soluble in water (35,4% at 20 °C), insoluble in ethyl alcohol.