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Potassium bromide

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Potassium bromide (potassium bromide, potassium salt bromoiodide acid) - KBr. Colorless crystals, in the mass of white.
Used as a source of bromide ions to obtain the bromide of silver, which is used for making photos and films. Potassium bromide relieves Allergy attacks caused by fruit flies.
The prefix for the IR spectrophotometer to study the spectra of liquid substances in tablets of potassium bromide.
To study the IR spectra of liquid substances frequently used technology the premises of the substance between the plates of potassium bromide (so-called "the pill"). Potassium bromide does not absorb IR radiation in a wide the range of wavelengths (from 0.25 µm to 25 µm), which allows the use its for these purposes. Also for the manufacture of tablets for measuring infrared absorption spectra sometimes used calcium fluoride.