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Additive for diesel Stanadyne Performance formula 38567

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Additive to diesel fuel Stanadyne Performance formula 38567
The heart of the diesel engine fuel injection system , and the main enemy of these systems - diesel fuel of low quality.
According to the results of research and testing and our experience in the production of injection systems diesel fuel, Stanadyne, it was found that changes in the quality of diesel fuel can adversely affect the accuracy of modern fuel injection systems.
Diesel fuel of low quality can cause problems with performance, premature wear.
To solve these problems and to ensure the protection of fuel injection systems, Stanadyne has developed its own line of additives for diesel fuel.
Diesel fuel additives Stanadyne is the only one in the world who:
• Custom manufacturer of fuel injection systems.
• Verified and approved by the most renowned manufacturers of engines and vehicles.
• Have proven most effective in independent tests.
Diesel fuel additives Stanadyne protect and improve the performance of all diesel fuel injection systems including:
• Common Rail System
• Pump-injectors
• Rotary pumps
• Inline pumps
Diesel fuel additives Stanadyne meet the current requirements of fuel with low sulphur content.
Stanadyne All Season Diesel Fuel Conditioner (19 l / 9500 litres of fuel)

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