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Three-way reversing valve

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Product advantages
1. A service life more than 3 times longer than rogieclan
2. Dobavlyaetsya rubber balls, has a wear resistance
3. Especially suitable for two-phase liquid-solid and gas-solid flows with particles
4. Planted under the flap wear-resistant rubber, sobriety our company, service life 2 times longer than other valves.
6. The ore pulp is hermetically closed with a rubber ball, which is located between the upper and lower valve.
7. Inside there is a guide rail corresponding to the movement of the rubber ball with one hole of presenting the material to the other.
8. Uses when working with the ore slurry, slag, corrosive environments and mineral processing wastes, sewage system different spare pumps.
9. Working pressure: £0.7 Mpa
10. Using three-way reversing valve, there will not be problems such as clogging, and to save the cost of a second tubing is easily performed automatic control.

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