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Check valve

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Advantage products
1. 100% Xinhai rubber, turning on and off without any mechanical private, reliability and does not require repair
2. High wear resistance, corrosion resistance, service life of 20-25years
3. Good gymnast, the elasticity of up to 38%
4. Low pressure at inclusion, 1kg water pressure will be able to include it.
5. 100% rubber Xinhai, unique design, reliability and does not require repair.
6. Return Xinhai valve made of 100% Xinhai, unique design, Edna side in the shape of round and square , uses a flange connection or Saedinenie pipe clamp, the other side in the form of a fish tail, safely and without leakage. When you turn on and off without mechanical private, reliability.
7. Wear resistance and corrosion resistance, the service life of 20-25years
8. Made of durable resiny Xinhai35, index of wear resistance of up to 128%, occupies a leading position in the world.
9. If you put it in sulfuric acid solution with a concentration of 30% at a temperature of 90℃ after 48 hours, the rubber is without a noticeable change. Compared to the simple rubber materials, the service life of our rubber 2-4 times the life of 20-25years.
10. Good gymnast, the elasticity of up to 38%
11. The content of natural rubber Xinhai is 95-97%, a long molecular chain is almost not disturbed, so that its elasticity is high, up to 38%, ease of incorporation. Loss of water pressure is very small.
12. A little pressure when you turn on, just 1kg water pressure
13. Live stream may LEGO pass, only 1kg water pressure may include a valve, Izbira from clogging. Ease of installation and operation.
14. Product application
15. In the system of the confluence of rain and waste water, when precipitation in receptivity horizon
with the release of discharges to wastewater plants, the water is not moving in the opposite direction.

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