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Pinch valve

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Equipment advantages
1. Long service life
2. Automation
3. For liquid-solid mixture and the mixture latterday
Equipment features
1. Full cut: without resistance after
2. The sleeve is modified
3. Tightness
4. Durability - made from Xinghai wear-resistant rubber, its service life is 10~15 times longer than other rubbers, and 3~6 times longer than polyurethane.
5. Fatigue resistance
6. Without sealing device which prevents clogging of the equipment
7. Easy changes
8. The mechanical part is protected
The unique design of inner structure, which makes the opening and closing of the valve is more reliable. Case priemnogo valve is made of aluminum alloy. Clutch made of synthetic material with textile inlay. The coupling is made from either aluminum or carbon steel, or stainless steel. Rubber hose valve core is made of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber liquid-phase technology, has high elasticity, degree of wear resistance is 10 times higher domestic rubber. Overall dimensions are the same with the domestic, so you can replace each other. The valve body is usually made of a casting of aluminum alloys.
Pinch valve Xinhai is divided into two types: type LJFI and type LJFII. The valve body of the type made from a casting and aluminum alloys, the switching valve device type LJFII made of metals, other parts of xinhai. Subestimate of the product is low, easy to change and operation.

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